Wednesday 28 October 2015

AEOS skincare review

Hi Guys
Hope you are having a good day? Firstly sorry for the delay in posting, I received a fantastic product kit from AEOS which  has so many products in it,it's  taken me a while to try them all out. As usual I want to give you guys the most honest review I can, so that's the reason for my delay in posting.....I have and am continuing to try these products out.   Secondly a big shout out to AEOS for sending the skincare kit. I have included the link to the products below. Enjoy ! 

So to the Product review : 

The kit which I received has 10 Products which all claim to have differing, beneficial qualitys for your skin. I like the product branding, it is clean, clear and straightforward. 

Refreshing Hydrating Mist : This has to be my favourite product in the kit, it is essentially a mist which your spray onto your face. It's my favourite because it has an amazing smell, provides an immediate refreshing feeling to your skin as soon as you spray it and helps rehydrates skin. I have used this the most.

Cleansing Oil dé-maq:  I've never used a cleansing oil before, so this was a first for me. I didn't know what to expect, but I must say it felt really good, was quick to remove my make up, smells really nice  (a bit like fresh plants) and after using it my skin didn't feel greasy. 

Realive serum : This is a face serum, it was easy to apply, felt great and is so good for your skin. It is amazing and is not sticky like other face serums I have used before.

Dew Facial Wash : This is such a nice facial wash, smells good, is soft on my skin and left my skin feeling soft after I had dried it. The only down side is I was spraying it in my hands before applying it to my face and was losing quite a lot of it before I got it on my face. Needless to say I have used quite a lot of it already!

Gentle cleansing Lotion : I have used this lotion the most at the moment as I love what it does for my skin as it makes it feel super fresh and replenesish my skin. Like all the products there is a great feeling knowing that it's organic and I think that adds to the overall feeling.

Gentle Exfoliatant : Another really nice product, I have been using it in the mornings, it's really gentle on the skin but you can feel it exfoliating. It's certainly not harsh on the skin as some of the other exfoliators I have used are a lot harsher, nobody wants to go to school with a bright red face!

Energising conditioner : Does what it says, it soothes and softens my skin, I have also noticed that since using it my skin has been much less you oily. Like most teenagers I have days when my skin is a bit more oily and sometimes these products can make it worse. This wasn't the case with this one though. 

Beauty Body Lotion : This is so nice !! It's has such a lovely scent, feels good when putting it on and leaves my skin feeling soft after use. 

Beauty Body Shower: this shower gel is again very gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling very soft. 

Enriching Moisturiser : this is another of my favourites !! I really like this moisturiser as it has a lovely citrus scent and works amazing on my skin.

The packaging is really pretty and they come with a leaflet that has a step by step guide on how to use the  products and more importantly when to use them in the morning and evening. I believe this is really helpful for anyone like me who wants to get the best out of the products.

I can definitely prefer these products to my normal drugstore skincare buys. I know they are more expensive than what I tend to buy, but the quality comes through and in my opinion the extra cost is worth it. As the products aren't tested on animals and they are also 100% organic, it not only makes your skin feel great  but makes you feel good about yourself also. I think it's great that you know what you are putting on your skin.

Overall In the short time I have been using them I have really been enjoying these products and I think they are amazing quality, even though they are £68. I think  they are definitely worth it and would make a really good Christmas/ Birthday Present. I suppose the real test is would I buy them for myself? and the answer is a definite yes!! 

Checkout AEOS website :

Lots of Love 

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